Gnome Oracle


Bones is slightly mad. He talks to spirits, himself and his dead sister. He is in good physical shape. He is highly intelligent and charismatic but is not the wisest.


Bones was found as a baby near the Emerald Spire along with his sister by a group of bandits fro Thornkeep and sold into slavery.

The two were bought by Drurn the Half-Orc tanner at Fort Inevitable. Over years of horrible treatment from Drurn, Bones powers began to manifest, turning him slightly mad in the process. The final straw was the day that Bones pulled a ill-advised prank on Drurn. Drurn in his anger beat Bones’ sister to death.

Bones attacked the half-orc, crippling his leg and before being knocked unconscious. He awoke in a cage heading south. After a few masters, he was bought by an nefarious adventuring group. Being used to explore tight places, Bones survived the destruction of the group at the hands of a young dragon who also perished.

Bones has returned to Fort Inevitable to seek revenge on Drurn, any other slaver and find out where he came from. Adventuring is a means to an end.


Fort Inevitable abranon