Alton Woodbristle

Halfling Scout


Alton Woodbristle knew from an early age he wasn’t like his many brothers, sisters, and cousins living on the farm. He longed for a life beyond the goblinbramble walls of the Woodbristle Homestead – a life filled with riches and adventure, not mushrooms and fertilizer.

On the eve of his 16th birthday, he packed his meager belongings and slipped away in the night to seek his fortune. He left behind only a note stating that one day he would return with his fortune, having made a name for himself as a famous adventurer. Or so he thought…

It turns out life as adventurer in the River Kingdoms is not as easy as the stories make it seem. Dangers lie at every corner and there are so many rules! Who can afford 50 gold pieces for a letter of warrant? Alton quickly realized that if he was going to survive he was going to have to do some things he may not be proud of and ended up falling in with a group of bandits working the Crusader Road. His knowledge of poisons derived from local mushrooms earned him a bit of a reputation and his size and stealthiness made him an invaluable scout. He had food in his belly, there was relative safety in numbers, and he made a little coin on the side. He was comfortable.

After a few years and a few too many close calls with the Hellknights, he decided it was time to get out. He was longing for home and this was never the life that he wanted. He would return to the Homestead where he knew he would be welcomed with open arms but he would always feel like a failure, still longing for a life of high adventure.

Alton Woodbristle

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