Abernard Royst

Sage and former adventurer


Abernard owns a precious keepsake that made its way from the Emerald Spire decades ago. It’s a sliver of what he claims is the skymetal noqual, a substance with inherent resistance to magic.

Abernard has spent years collecting scraps of information about the Emerald Spire and has recently hired the party to collect further information for him..


A white-haired sage of 55 years, Abernard Royst is one of the most notable adventurers permanently residing in Fort Inevitable. Abernard is a cantankerous fellow who spends most of his time engaged in research and experimentation. He rarely risks life and limb in dungeons anymore, but always has a long list of unusual materials or difficult tasks he’s willing to hire adventuring parties to acquire or perform for him. Abernard is careful to observe the laws of Fort Inevitable, but otherwise appears to have a lack of interest in civic matters.

Abernard Royst

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